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Crossword, scrabble and anagram solver

This package provides a large English words list and tools to find words by patterns. In particular, anagram finder and scrabble word finder.

How to install


How to use

Describe a pattern that a word should match by marking unknown letters.

Then pass this pattern to a find_word function. Examples:

#> words starting with "aa"
#> 4-letter words stating with "w" and ending with "d"
#> 30 or more letter words

You can also specify letters that you don’t want to be used to fill the gaps with ban argument.

find_word("w..d", ban = "oe")

Or you can determine the list of letters to be used with allow argument.

find_word("w..d", allow = "oe")

Scrabble solver

To find words that can be constructed from the specified set of letters, use scrabble function

#> words constructed from the "thing" word's letters

This function is actually built on top of the find_word function. To give you an idea, the previous call is equivalent to this:

find_word(allow = "thing", type = "scrabble")

It is also possible to specify a pattern in scrabble, as it was in find_word. For, example, to get at least 4-letter words:

scrabble("thing", ".{4,}")

Anagram solver

To find anagrams, use anagram function.


This function is also built on top of find_word and the previous call is equivalent to

find_word(allow = "thing", type = "anagram")