metamedian: Meta-Analysis of Medians

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The metamedian package implements several methods to meta-analyze studies that report the sample median of the outcome. When the primary studies are one-group studies, the methods of McGrath et al. (2019) and Ozturk and Balakrishnan (2020) can be applied to estimate the pooled median. In the two-group context, the methods of McGrath et al. (2020a) can be applied to estimate the pooled difference of medians across groups.

Additionally, this package implements a number of methods to estimate the study-specific means and their standard errors from studies reporting sample medians in order to estimate the pooled (difference of) means. Specifically, one can apply the following methods in this context:


You can install the released version of metamedian from CRAN with:


After installing the devtools package (i.e., calling install.packages(devtools)), the development version of metamedian can be installed from GitHub with:



See McGrath et al. (in press) for a detailed guide on using the metamedian package.