heddlr: Functional Programming Concepts for R Markdown Documents

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R Markdown is an incredible tool, allowing you to trivially create professional-quality HTML (and PDF and more) documents from simple Markdown documents. However, if those documents have sections which repeat multiple times for different slices of your data, you can wind up spending a lot of time copying and pasting parts of your document. This can make it tricky to update your documents if you decide you want to tweak pieces of your report, and can force you to spend a lot of time updating and double-checking your document if you’re trying to report on information from an changing data set.

heddlr seeks to address these challenges by providing tools to make your R Markdown DRYer (that is, don’t repeat yourself). By making it easier to dynamically piece together components of your document based on your data source, heddlr makes it easier for you to write cleaner documents and create your reports faster.

For examples of what this looks like, check out the intro vignette and the more involved example.


If the CRAN version badge above is green, you can install the released version of heddlr from CRAN with:


You can always get the most up-to-date development version with:

# install.packages("devtools")