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eyeRead is an R package contains some functions to prepare and analyse eye tracking data of reading exercises. Essentially it identifies first pass and second pass fixations and their respective total durations.

This package is not yet on CRAN.


The development version of the package can be downloaded after installing devtools and by running

devtools::install_github( "SanVerhavert/fixationDuration", ref = "dev" )

It cannot be guaranteed this is a stable version. Check the dev build badge to see if the development version is stable (passing).


An example on how to use the package can be found in the demo file.
You can run a demo after installing the package by running

demo( "simulated data", package = "eyeRead" )


You can contribute to this package in two ways:
1/ by submitting issues or requests
2/ by suggesting changes through pull requests

Issues or requests

You can submit issues or feature requests through the issues tab on GitHub.
Please provide a clear description of the issue: e.g. code that causes the issue, possible error message, the data that causes the error (as .txt file [preferred] or R code[also preferred] or described )

Pull requests

If you directly want to contribute code or changes, please fork this repository. You can then add your changes and create a pull request. Please document your pull request, otherwise it will be rejected.
This repository follows the gitflow logic. Please respect this logic and the branch structure in the following section.
Mind that gitflow only uses non-fast-forward merges.

Branch structure

This repository follows the gitflow logic.

Branch logic

These are the main branches: - master        Branch containing stable versions; do not commit to this branch; Only merge from release branch. - release        Branch for preparing releases; commits to this branch only contain version bumps and generated documentation; only merge from dev branch; merge to master and dev branches - dev         Branch for main development; all commits allowed; merge from master and release branches

Supporting branches [optional]: - feature_       Branches for developing new features; can be used to keep dev branch clean and the development build working; only branches from and merges to the dev branch - issue_        Branches for solving issues; name mostly referring to issue numbers; can branch from every other branch except (!) from master; merges only with the branch from witch it was branched

Overview of this repository

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