IPEDSuploadables produces text files in key-value format which meet the IPEDS requirements for upload on their website. By using this package, institutions can avoid the time and risk of manually typing numbers into web forms across multiple screen. Package documentation (see the website) describes how an institution’s data must be formatted to make use of these scripts.

Report Coverage

As reports are added, this list will be updated.
You are welcome to fork this repo and work towards new reports or new institution-types for existing reports

Supported surveys that work for all institutions:

Supported surveys that only work for some institutions:

Unsupported surveys with options


View the pkgdown version of this site and documentation at https://alisonlanski.github.io/IPEDSuploadables/

View the codebase and submit issues for this package at https://github.com/AlisonLanski/IPEDSuploadables/


You can install the package in the standard way from CRAN


To get newer releases or bug fixes before they are posted to the CRAN version, you can install the development version from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")

#or use

# install.packages("remotes")

To access vignettes locally (instead of through the website) add an argument:

devtools::install_github("AlisonLanski/IPEDSuploadables", build_vignettes = TRUE)